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Speciality Mud Systems



VISMIX system is a highly thixotropic (shear thinning) water based fluid system with highly cost effective and environmentally

acceptable. The main constituents of this system is a third generation mixed metal oxides. VISMIX system provides enhanced

rheological profile and stability and it is easy to design, mix and maintain.

The unique rheological profile it exhibits that makes it best suitable for a variety of applications like,
  1. For milling casing, fish and cut a window for side track.
  2. For drilling highly fractural and vugular lost circulation zones effectively.
  3. Stabilizing loose and unconsolidated formations.
  4. For Coiled tubing operations.
  5. For drilling highly inclined and horizontal wells.
The salient features & benefits of this VISMIX system include,
  1. Provides low ECD’s.
  2. Low torque & Drag.
  3. Exceptional hole cleaning due to its thixotropic ability.
  4. Excellent solids removal efficiency.
  5. Cost effective.
  6. Remedy for drilling lost circulation sections.
  7. Environmentally acceptable.
This unique rheological profile of VISMIX system which exhibits extreamly high, but fragile and flat gels makes this system best

suited for drilling through loss prone zones and for milling operations. This high shear thinning ability of the fluid provides

turbulent flow inside the drill pipe and across the bit and annulus near BHA which will help removing drill cuttings more

effectively and its high flat gels it attains in the annulus makes the cuttings transport effectively to surface. Hence, this

particular high thixotropic behavior of the fluid provides exceelent hole cleaning ability even at very low circulation rates. This

VISMIX system gives lower pressure drop along the pipe than the conventional Gel mud despite having a higher Yield point.

Evidence for this Flow profile comes from the observations of “Negative Lag times” (Cuttings appear surface much faster than

they should). This unique ability of VISMIX system makes it popular in controlling losses and drilling severely loss prone zones in

fractured and vugular formations.

Petrochem successfully used this VISMIX system in various places and has experience and expertise.

TRU-LOW SYSTEM for under balanced Drilling of sub-hydrostatic formations:


Using of aerated mud, stiff foam or stable foam are well known to drill sub-hydrostatic formations. However, these systems

pose severe problems like high torque & drag, twist off of drill string, corrosion related issues, weak pulse signal for MWD tools

and well control issues. Early kick detection is a major issue & some times need to use expensive Rotating BOP. Hydraulics

calculations are another issue in air or foam drilling.

To combat all these problems, Petrochem developed TRU-LOW SYSTEM with hollow glass spears of high compressive

strength as weighting material. These HGS (Hollow Glass Spears) will reduce the density of the fluid as low as 6.7-7 ppg. HGS

are inert and non mud specific & can be used in any mud system to reduce the density of the fluid to the desired wt.

Another major advantage of this HGS system is that these HGS can be reclaimed for further usage. The HGS will have a Sp.

Gr of 0.38 and compressive strength of 8000 psi. This will enable the fluid to attain as low density as 6.7 ppg.



This system is a milling fluid designed for casing milling, milling a fish or cutting a window inside the casing for sidetrack. The

main ingredient of this system is Mixed metal Hydroxide (MMH) or Mixed Metal oxide (MMO). Petrochem used this milling fluid

design successfully for milling 400m of 9 5/8”casing to one of our clients.



TRU-VFL system is specifically designed to drill top hole sections as alternative to conventional bentonite spud mud where

logistics, availability of fresh water to pre-hydrate bentonite is major problem and reducing the Waste volumes for

environmental reasons are major concern.

TRU-VFL is Petrochem’s proprietary blend of some natural polymer derivatives which gives good viscosity and upon taking few

drilled solids whilst drilling the fluid loss will be reduced automatically to below 10 c.c thus providing good hole stability. The

other main advantage of the system is that it can be converted to any other polymer mud whether it is salt-polymer or KCl-

Polymer mud for drilling next sections. The ingredients of TRU-VFL are bio degradable.



Normal conventional XC-Polymer as viscosifier and other starch or cellulose derivatives will work in normal temperatures. We

can enhance the efficacy of these by adding some thermal stabilizing agent, however, when the BHT is above 350°F, these

will undergo thermal degradation. In such cases, normally an OBM or any Synthetic oil based mud system is used in the past.

But the usage of OBM or SBM will have some issues like logistics, high cost, storage of OBM after its usage, well bore clean up,

difficulty in interpreting electrical logs. Potential water kick in an exploratory or wild cat well will make things worse when OBM

is used. Waste management (especially in deep water drilling) is another major issue and costs heavily to drill hot wells in deep


Extensive research is done worldwide in recent years on various polymers which can withstand at such hostile environment

conditions. This resulted in developing some good Water based High temperature drilling fluids using some synthetic polymers

for the wells to drill above 350-425°F.

Petrochem has developed such a fluid system to withstand high temperatures ranging from 350-425°F. A special hostile

environment polymer used as viscosifiers and couple of other synthetic ter copolymers for fluid loss control and a high

temperature pH buffer are the key ingredients in this system. Normally high pressures are associated with High temperatures,

this TRU-THERM system was tested at 15-17 ppg Mud wt. and temperatures above 400°F.


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